What is
DM Intl.
Market Overview
Deeply cover China bond market trends and fully track bonds issuance from roadshow to the date of issuance.
Ratings Collection
Integrate quantitative rating data and qualitative research opinions for all China bonds.
Collect and double-check all non-public critical information from exclusive channels.
Market Sentimets
Classify China bond market news by assessing the risk level, importance and public sentiment.
Our Products
Independent and in-depth credit analysis focused on companies, industries related to investing decision-making, displaying the real condition of your potential portfolio members.
DM Intl. Analytics
Source information about company financing and debt-repaying plans.
DM Intl. Inteligence
Policies, official statements, market-moving news of China bond market.
DM Intl. Livenews
Financial reports, announcements, economic data, guarantee relationship, market bid-and ofr alarms, etc.
DM Intl. Database
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